Looking for educational games for your smartboard? We got you! If you are a preschool teacher and are looking for the best ways to make use of the interactive whiteboard, we’ve got you! Or perhaps you’re homeschooling your kids and have a smartboard! Regardless if you’re in a classroom or at home here are four smartboard activities perfect for young children. Kids of all ages can benefit from these smartboard games and activities, however, toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids can benefit most.

games for smartboard- Image shows a compilation of smartboard activities for preschoolers
Interactive lessons are an effective way to make the learning process fun.

Best Smart Board Activities For Preschool Students

A great way to make your preschool classroom more entertaining is with an interactive board! There are so many different games and activities preschoolers can play that will make learning fun.

Everyone has different learning styles and different skill levels, but these smartboard preschool activities are a great tool to help develop essential skills such as fine motor skills, letter recognition, gross motor skills, and more.

1. Dress Up Bear SMART Board Lesson

games for smartboard- Image shows a smartboard activity for preschooler from Modern chalkboard
Love playing with a teddy bear?

This is one of the most fun online games! Check the weather outside and decide what the bear should wear! This is a simple, interactive drag-and-drop activity that young students will love. From Modern Chalkboard.

2. Apple Graphing for the Smart Board

games for smartboard- Image shows an interactive game for preschooler. Idea from Learning and teaching with preschoolers
Here’s another fun game!

This interactive smartboard game is a counting game too. It’s an effective way to get a better number sense through a simple activity. Children are able to come up and move the apples around to see how many of each apple are in the wagon or the basket. From Learning & Teaching Preschoolers.

3. SMARTBoard Music Lesson: Pumpkin Stew Song

games for smartboard- Image shows a preschoolers playing with a smartboard. From
Try these preschool games.

This SMARTBoard music lesson: Pumpkin Stew song, is an easy and fun activity song for Kindergarten. It’s perfect for small groups and larger groups too. From CPH Music.

4. Gingerbread Activity – Christmas

games for smartboard- Image shows a educational game from Smartboard games
Kids will love these interactive lessons.

Create a gingerbread man on the Smartboard in this fun interactive activity. The gingerbread cookie is a fun part of the winter and Christmas! Use the Smartboard to create a gingerbread man. You can decorate with different toppings or browse the gallery! From Smartboard Games.


Which interactive smartboard game did you like most?

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