Have you ever made snow candy? If not, you’re missing out! Snow candy is popular in many places around the world. People use melted sugar, maple, honey, so much to make cold and chewy candy. And this dad is obviously a pro at making snow candy. Check it out!

homemade snow candy shot from the video - ladel over snow filled with hot candy
Let’s make snow candy!

I read all the Little House On The Prairie books when I was growing up and one of my favorite parts was when they’d make candy in the snow.

I always wanted to try that, but living in a warmer state I never had the chance.

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Still, just because I didn’t get to try it doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t…and you’re going to LOVE IT!

How to Make Snow Candy Tutorial Video

How easy is that?

And especially amazing on this cold, wintery day. It might be snowing but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!


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Have you made snow candy?

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