If you’re looking for the ultimate list of Christmas craft ideas for kids of all ages, we’ve got you covered! From DIY Christmas ornaments to education Christmas crafts, there is the perfect Christmas craft project to keep your little ones busy every day of December. We started with around 150 holiday crafts for kids and through the years our big list of Christmas crafts just keeps growing!

250 of the Best Christmas Crafts


Keep your little one busy this year and keep the festive mood going with this huge list of Christmas crafts, activities, recipes, and more. All of these Christmas craft ideas are tried and true favorites of not only us, but many of you as well as this list has been compiled by many of our readers.

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Not only will it be a ton of fun for your child to do these crafts, but it is the perfect way to spend quality time with your little one.


Christmas craft ideas like this Christmas tree coloring page with ornaments and a star.

1. Traditional Holiday Coloring Pages

Here’s a fun collection of traditional holiday coloring pages for kids.

2. Christmas Bingo

Play this free printable Christmas Bingo game while you wait for Santa! via A Cowboy’s Life 

3. Free Printable Paper Stocking

Use this free printable to decorate let kids decorate their own paper stocking.

4. Free Printable Gingerbread Storytelling Craft

Use these free printables to color and then cut them out and use them to tell stories like The Gingerbread man story.

5. Free Printable Letter To Santa

Print off this free printable letter and envelope to let your child write a letter to Santa. Let them tell him how good they have been and send him their Christmas list!


Use this printable to have a family game night! You can use the printable to play either Holiday Charades or Pictionary…or why not both!

Christmas crafts like these free printable gift boxes with birds and starts, colorful ornaments, and yellow and green wreaths.

7. Free Printable Gift Boxes

Use this free printable and instructions to learn how to fold your own gift box. These gift boxes are great for small light gifts and are super festive.

8. Free Printable Handprint Card

Make a Grinch handprint Christmas card using this free printable Christmas card.


Get learning with these Christmas counting printables. Count by singles, 10’s, and learn how to write out each number. Each page is festive with gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and even Santa Clause!


Print off these super cute Christmas playdough mats. We suggest laminating them to have them last longer!


Help your little one write a letter to Santa with this free printable letter. It has a space for them to write out their Christmas list and sign it!


Teach your child how to spell and recognize their name with this free printable Christmas light activity page!

These printable reindeer headbands are the perfect Christmas crafts for kids.

13. Printable Reindeer Antlers

Use this free printable to create a reindeer crown for your little one! Be festive and inspire pretend play using this Christmas activity.

14. Free Printable Wrapping Paper

Out of wrapping paper? No problem! Try this free printable wrapping paper that also doubles as a coloring sheet.


Magical Christmas Lanterns That glow purple with Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer.

15. Magical Christmas Lanterns

I think this is my favorite craft on this entire lift. These magical Christmas lanterns seriously do look magical and like something you’d buy at the store. They’re absolutely beautiful.

16. Scented Fingerprint Christmas Lights

These vibrant Christmas lights are not only super pretty, but they smell good too! You can use whatever essential oils you like to make them smell festive.

17. Clothespin Nutcracker

Make your own nutcracker that has 2 clothespin legs so you can put him anywhere! Use stock card and popsicle sticks to make the rest of his body and give him a fancy uniform!

18. Dish Brush Christmas Craft

Create a green and red Christmas wreath using a dish brush. The bristles give it such a fun texture and when you’re finished you can add a red bow!

19. Bow Tie Noodle Wreath

Turn dry bow tie noodles into a wreath by painting them green, adding sparkles, and a bow! It sounds simple, and it is, but it is a beautiful Christmas craft!

Egg carton elves that are red and green with accordion legs.

20. Egg Carton Elves

Make your own little Elves using egg cartons, markers, and construction paper. They’re so happy and festive!

21. Gingerbread Man Kids Kraft

Make these air dry clay gingerbread men and glue your child’s photo on it to make personalized gingerbread keepsakes this year!

22. DIY Glitter Star Tree Topper

No Christmas tree is complete without a star on top! Make your own with this DIY glitter tree topper craft. It looks amazing, like something you’d get at Target.

23. Moveable Christmas Penguin

This fun Christmas craft lets you make a super cute Christmas penguin dressed up in a hat and scarf and his little arms can move!

24. Stuffed Gingerbread Boy & Girl

Make your own stuffed gingerbread boys and girls that are stuffed and life like. Then you can decorate them with glitter, glue, and pom poms!

fingerprint christmas crafts for kids including this cute grinch fingerprint art project from Dealz

25. Grinch Fingerprint Craft

Christmas isn’t complete without the Grinch! Now your kids can easily make the Grinch using their fingers and paint!


Make these super cute Christmas Elves with silly eyes using tissue paper, paper plates, markers, paint, and construction paper!


27. Paint Mistletoe Art

Let your little one get messy with this paint craft! Create mistletoe with paint, glitter, and lots of colors.

28. Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug

Use foam, ribbons, and white pom poms to create your hot cocoa crafts. The white pom poms emulate marshmallows and I think makes the craft 10x cuter.

29. Fingerprint Gingerbread Man

Make the cutest little gingerbread men using your fingerprints and other paint including: red, green, and white.

30. Toilet Paper Christmas Crafts

Let’s get going with some amazing Christmas crafts for kids. via Red Ted Art

Children catching snowflakes on their tongues with their winter coats on and curly blonde and brown hair


Let your child create a self-portrait of themselves catching snowflakes on their tongues. I remember doing a project like this when I was in elementary school! It is fun and silly and requires festive tape, construction paper, and glue.


Here is another extensive list of 60+ Christmas craft ideas from kids. Some of them are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to make them myself like a paper Christmas tree surrounded by snowman. It is so elegant looking!


The red, green, and gold glitter make this sponge painted poinsettias craft absolutely beautiful. Plus it is a great craft for really any kid at any age as long as you supervise the littler kids with the glitter.


Popsicle sticks can make some of the cutest crafts, and even puzzles! We have found a list of over 20 super cute Christmas popsicle stick crafts for kids to make.


We have a list of 30 awesome Christmas paper collages that kids can make. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own right, but there are collages for kids of all ages and at all art skill levels.

Christmas Paper Plate Crafts like a Santa photo prop, Rudolph with a red shiny nose, a Christmas wreath, and a Christmas tree.


Here is a list of the best 16 Christmas paper plate crafts. Make photo props, costumes for pretend play, trees, wreaths, and more!


I’ve done this Christmas light painting with my kids and it is one of my favorites. Not only is it super pretty, but it’s a keepsake. You’ll get to remember how tiny your little one’s fingers were forever!


Let your child create art with their hands and feet! You can make ornaments, Christmas tree, animals.


Create the Garland that look like gingerbread cookies! Construction paper, cookie cutters, markers, and anything else you would want to decorate your “cookies” and then string them together with pretty string!


Here are 20 awesome pom pom Christmas crafts for kids. You can make ornaments, pom pom Christmas trees, snow globes, and more!

Christmas light chalk is the best Christmas craft because it looks like the lights glow.


Make your own Christmas lights art by making these simple light stencils! Then you simple color around the stencils using chalk on black paper and you have glowing Christmas lights!


Create abstract Christmas art that looks like faux glass. It’s easy to do and perfect for older and younger kids. All you need is canvas and markers!

43. Sparkly Christmas Star Suncatcher

Decorate your windows with sparkly Christmas star suncatchers! via Crafts On Sea


This snowflake craft is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. It works on their motor skills and is super pretty! Not only do they have to be able to manipulate the pipe cleaner, but they will also be practicing cutting with scissors as well.


Still looking for more Christmas crafts for kids? Here are 13 festive and fun crafts!

Terra cotta Christmas crafts that are candy holders for peppermints and red and green m&ms, a snowman that holds peppermints, a Christmas angel with mess brown hair, and a little santa clause and Christmas tree

46. Terra Cotta Christmas Crafts

Turn your terra cotta pots into cute Christmas crafts. Make Rudolph candy dishes, Olaf gift jars, snowman mint jars, an adorable gingerbread man, nutcracker, and more!


Make your own gingerbread man with a glittery face and glittery buttons and bow tie using a toilet paper roll! What a great recycled Christmas craft.


Create your own Christmas placemat with sticky back tape and let them go to town with glitter and Christmas confetti.

49. Skylanders Snow Globe

Does your child love Skylanders? You can use Skylanders and glitter to make a Skylander snow globe!


Reindeer Drink stirrers made from bells, red pom poms, and popsicle sticks.

50. DIY Reindeer Drink Stirrers

Make your hot coco, tea, or coffee festive with these cute reindeer drink stirrers. They’re easy to make with bells, googly eyes, pom poms, and pipe cleaners. (Link unavailable)

51. Recycled Reindeer Christmas Craft

Use your old (and cleaned out) milk cartons to create this super cute reindeer Christmas craft! It’s super simple, cute, and it has glitter!

52. Hand Print Reindeer Sweatshirt

Make your own Christmas sweater…or sweatshirt, using paint! You can use your hands to make the reindeers antlers, and if you want to make Rudolph find something round to make a big red nose!

53. Mini Reindeer Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Craft

These mini reindeer are absolutely precious! This is a great recycled craft that is also cute and easy to do. It mainly comes down to your cutting skills.

toilet roll Christmas reindeer with googly eyes, big pom pom nose, and stick antlers.

54. Toilet Roll Christmas Reindeer

Create reindeer using toilet paper rolls, sticks, red pom poms, and giant googly eyes!

55. Cute Rudolph Craft For Kids

Use an old baby food jar to make this fun and easy Rudolph craft. via Love and Marriage blog

56. Cardboard Reindeer

Take a simple piece of cardboard and turn it into this fun reindeer craft.

57. Cupcake Liner Reindeer Craft

Make Rudolph from a cupcake liner! via Love and Marriage blog

Fingerprint reindeer on Santa's sleigh with blue glitter snow.


I love this and your kids will too when they get to finger paint all the reindeer on Santa’s slay! Use markers to connect their harnesses and blue glitter to create a snowy night.


I love recycled crafts and I love bottle cap crafts. Bottle crafts are so small, yet so versatile. That is why this reindeer bottle cap craft is so cute! If the antlers weren’t so pointy, I’d consider making this a necklace.


This reindeer is made out of very simple items. Paper, googly eyes, a red painted cotton ball, and their antlers are made of Q-tips. I think these are some of the better antlers I’ve seen on a reindeer craft.


Create this toilet paper roll reindeer using handprint cutouts as antlers! Then be sure to draw on Rudolph’s face and give him a bright red nose!


Create a reindeer with a bright red nose to help teach your child about gentleness and how it is symbolized with a deer and different Bible verses about being gentle.


Create a reindeer Christmas card with a potato! Who knew vegetables make such good painting utensils!?

Reindeer handprint with finger antlers, a red nose, and googly eyes.


Make Rudolph with your hand! And you can even give him a red sparkly nose and don’t forget the googly eyes.

65. R IS FOR REINDEER Preschool Craft

Make an abstract Rudolph by drawing and cutting out various shapes. This is a cute, educational, Reindeer craft.

66. R is for Rudolph Craft for Preschool

This is another R is for reindeer craft, but you’ll be making Rudolph out of the letter R.

67. Handprint Reindeer Keepsake

This handprint reindeer keepsake is super cute and a great way to remember how little your children were this Christmas.

SANTA CRAFTS for Christmas

Christmas Santa crafts for kids with a paper santa with a red suit, black belt and white cotton beard.


This Santa craft for kids is so cute! I love the cotton ball beard, the lovely red sparkly flower holding the mistletoe on his hat, and googly eyes! Be honest, googly eyes makes everything better!

69. Santa’s Magical Key

Want to make sure Santa can come in your house if you don’t have a chimney? Then you will need to make this magical Santa key. He’ll turn it into a front door so he can drop off presents.

70. Paper Plate Santa

Make a jolly Santa using a red paper plate! You can use holo tape to make a sparkly belt buckle and use crinkle paper to make a bushy white beard. Don’t forget the bushy eyebrows too!

71. Santa Going Down The Chimney

This craft is so cute and silly! You create Santa going down the chimney with his toy bag using toilet paper rolls.

Santa's mailbox made from a wipe box, cotton balls, and a red felt suit and black felt belt.

72. Santa’s Mailbox

Let kids write letter’s to Santa and put them in this DIY Santa’s Mailbox and you can even write letters back from Santa and put them in Santa’s mailbox.

73. Santa Sleigh Craft

Create Santa, his sleigh, gifts, and his reindeer with toilet paper rolls! It’s the cutest craft made from recycled materials.

74. Fingerprint Santa’s Sleigh

Use finger paints to paint Santa, his sleigh, and his flying reindeer! This craft is super cute and perfect for littler kids.

75. Santa Gift Box

This Santa gift box is so cute and a great way to give Christmas treats to loved ones! It is complete with a fluffy white beard!


Create this Santa star that can either be a cute craft or turned into an ornament. It’s jolly, red and black, and even has Santa’s fluffy white beard!

Santa Puppet made from a wooden spoon with a cotton beard a red nose next to a rudolph puppet with a red sparkly nose and antlers.


Make a Santa puppet and a Rudolph puppet using wooden spoons! They’re so simple to make with cotton, pom poms, pip cleaners, felt, and googly eyes.


Everyone knows Santa has a fluffy white beard and cotton on his hat. But instead of cotton this craft uses popcorn! It’s a cute craft that still leaves Santa with a big white beard!


Make these Santa mason jars with big, white, fuzzy, beards to hold all your Christmas trinkets, DIY mason jar gifts, and treats!

While this isn’t necessarily making a craft of Santa, it is still a craft for Santa and a super cute one at that. Make a plate for Santa’s cookies that you can use each year!

Christmas Tree Crafts

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Christmas tree napkin rings

81. Christmas Tree Napkin Rings

Make your Christmas dinner more festive with these DIY napkin rings. They each have a cute little Christmas tree on. (Link unavailable)

82. Preschool Christmas Craft

Decorate a felt Christmas tree for a fun holiday activity. via The Nerd’s Wife

83. Noodle And Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Noodle popsicle stick Christmas trees can make cute ornaments, or fridge magnets! via Crafty Morning 

84. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Use pipe cleaners to make Christmas trees. via Where Imagination Grows

Colored Rice tree with rainbow pom poms

85. Colored Rice Christmas Tree

Make your own rainbow Christmas tree using foam and colored rice. You can even decorate it with colorful pom poms. It is a fun craft, better to do outside if the weather permits, that even toddlers can participate in.

86. Accordion Tree Ornaments

Use beautifully colored paper to create these cute Christmas trees. Give them a star and a stand and have the perfect Christmas craft!

87. Paper Mache Christmas Tree

This craft is definitely a messy one, but it is so cute! Plus, it’s easier than most people think and a great paper mache craft for first-timers. This paper mache tree is totally worth it!

88. Noodle Christmas Tree

Use spiral noodles and bowtie noodles to create a super cute Christmas tree. Paint the bow a sparkly red and add red sparkles to the green spiral noodles to look like ornaments.

89. Christmas Tree Cards

Use a potato to create these Christmas trees for these adorable Christmas cards. You can also use a potato and red paint to make a candy cane border on the card.

christmas tree ornament made of stacked felt

90. Christmas Tree Ornament

I love this Christmas tree ornament. Honestly, I may may a bigger version to use as a centerpiece as it is super simple to make and looks like it requires very minimal crafting supplies, which is always nice.

91. Salt Dough Christmas Tree

This salt dough ornament craft will make the perfect keepsake! Plus, once it is dry it is so much fun to paint and decorate.

92. Christmas Trees

Create these super easy Christmas trees using beads and cardboard. This is such a great craft for toddlers to work on their fine motor skills.

93. Footprint Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree using your foot! This would make a great keepsake to remember your little ones tiny feet and you can make ornaments, lights, and a star using your fingerprints.

christmas tree craft with handprints

94. Christmas Tree Craft With Handprints

Your child can make their own Christmas tree using their handprints! This craft is simple and cute, and best part is it uses paper towel rolls. Who doesn’t love crafts that recycle! I love the snow at the bottom, it really pulls the craft together.

95. Candy Cane Christmas Tree

This can make an ornament or can be a cute way to hand out candy canes and spread joy. Either way this candy cane Christmas tree is super cute and you’ll get to decorate a second Christmas tree, but with felt, beads, and pipe cleaners instead.

96. Pine Cone Christmas Tree Farm

Going to a Christmas tree farm was one of my fondest memories. Going and picking out the perfect tree with your family is a memory that stays forever. But now you can make your own, complete with snow (glitter)!

97. Easy Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

This easy Christmas tree craft is one of the cutest suncatchers I’ve ever seen. Plus it is so easy to make. All you need is clear glue, beautiful beads and sequins, and a Christmas tree cookie cutter!

Snowy Christmas tree with fake water, snow, and presents

98. Snowy Christmas Tree

Encourage imaginative play with these felt Christmas trees, fake presents, little critters, and cotton snow, and bead lake.

99. Refrigerator Christmas Tree Game

Keep your little ones busy with this refrigerator Christmas tree game! It’s so simple, and even better, keeps your child busy while you’re trying to bake or trying to make Christmas dinner!

100. Elf Christmas Tree Craft

Make these super cute, and semi-small, Elf trees using paper plates and twigs. Of course you will need a few other things like green tissue paper, glue, and yes, glitter!

101. Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

Yay! Another recycled craft! This time you can use green and yellow plastic bottle caps to create a Christmas tree! It’s a cute and easy craft that even smaller kids, like toddlers, can do.

102. Cute As A Button

This Christmas tree is as cute as a button! Especially since the buttons make the cutest little ornaments, along with the pretty sequins, and golden star stickers. You can even use a big sticker at the top for the Christmas topper.

Melted Ice Christmas tree

103. Christmas Tree Melted Ice Craft

Make a “cool” Christmas tree by letting colored ice melt into the shape of a Christmas tree. Use green ice for the boughs and red ice for the trunk.

104. Christmas Tree Oil Painting

Oil painting I feel is an underrated medium of art. You can teach your child the joy of oil painting with this Christmas tree and Christmas light art appreciation activity.

105. DIY Paper Cone Christmas Trees

Make your own Christmas trees to decorate your whole house with these beautiful paper cone trees.

106. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Create beautiful wall art by letting your little one paint and decorate paper plates to look like a decorated Christmas tree. (Link unavailable)

107. Sponge Painted Christmas Trees

Sponge painted Christmas trees are the perfect Christmas art project for toddlers. It is simple, only requires sponges, paint, and paper and it is festive. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy messy crafts!

stained glass Christmas tree

108. Stained Glass Christmas Tree

This craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It is such a unique Christmas decoration. This Christmas tree emulates stained glass!

109. Ribbon Christmas Tree

You can make a cute ribbon Christmas tree card. It is not only festive, but works on your child’s fine motor skills since it is similar to a sewing card.

110. Christmas Tree Stained Glass

Create faux stained glass with this cute Christmas craft. All you need is glue, lots of different colored tissue paper, and construction paper. It creates a colorful piece of art!

111. Fingerprint Christmas Tree

Keep your little one busy this year with this fingerprint Christmas tree. The entire tree is made of and decorated with their fingerprints!

SNOWMAN CRAFTS for Christmas

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snowman marshmallow holder in a water bottle

112. Snowman Marshmallow Dispenser

Create a snowman out of water bottles using felt, foam, and googly eyes to create a dispenser for marshmallows which is perfect to hold all that sweet fluffy goodness!

113. Pom Pom Snowman

Make these soft and fluffy snowmen and snow women using small and large pom poms. Just add eyes, a nose, and a scarf and you have the cutest “stuffed” snowman.

114. DIY Snowman Mason Jar Craft

Turn big mason jars into super cute snowman! Paint them white, add scarves, hats, faces, and buttons! Then put an LED candle in it and watch it glow!

115. Snowman Christmas Tree Decorations

Use salt clay to make your own snowmen for your Christmas tree! Give them pom pom buttons, garland and ribbon scarves, and googly eyes!

adorable clay pot snowman

116. Adorable Clay Pot Snowmen

I love clay pots, because they are so versatile. You can use them for plants or you can paint them, flip them upside down and turn them into adorable snowmen complete with hats!

117. Snowman Stained Glass

Create this faux stained glass snowman craft using tissue paper, construction paper, and stickers!

118. Build A Snowman

Create a snowman using sticky paper, markers, and cotton balls. This is the perfect craft for babies and toddlers.

119. Bubble Wrap Snowman

Make a textured snowman using construction paper and bubble wrap. The bubble wrap and paint gives the snowman a textured look!

Snow man paper plate craft

120. Paper Plate Snowman

More snowman crafts! This one is so cute and would be great for kids in 2nd grade and lower. That includes preschoolers and toddlers! I think my favorite part of this craft.

121. Frozen Olaf

Make a frozen Olaf keepsake or ornament using your child’s foot and salt dough!

122. DIY Popsicle Stick Snowman Craft

I LOVE these types of crafts. They actually remind me of larger outdoor Christmas decorations people make. This DIY popsicle stick snowman craft is simple to make, all you need is 8 popsicle sticks, paint, glue, yellow paper, and googly eyes!

123. S Is For Snowman

Make a snowman with the letter S, using construction paper. The S works as a body as you put on his head, hat, face, and buttons.

124. Snowmen Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate craft makes the cutest snowman complete with mittens, boots, and a hat!

35 creative and fun snowman arts and crafts

125. Fun Snowman Art

Check out this list of 35 creative and festive snowman art and snowman food ideas! Some of these snowman snacks look delicious! Believe it or not a couple of them are healthy too!

126. Pom Pom Snowman

Make a super cute pom pom snowman using lovely white pom poms. You can give him a smiley mouth, a carrot nose, coal eyes, and a even learn how to make him a sweet little black hat!

127. Let It Snow!

If you’re like me, we don’t see much now in the south. So, why not make your own with these easy cotton swab snowflakes! They’re easy to stick together and once you douse them in glitter, they are just as beautiful as real snowflakes.

128. Snowflake Party Ideas

Here are 10 snowflake party ideas to make this winter exciting and festive. There are crafts, treats, and activities, and they’re all fun.

129. Gorgeous Snowflake Ideas

We found a list with 21 gorgeous snow flake ideas to create your own snow! Which is nice if you live in a rather warm climate!

handprint snowman ornament

130. Handprint Snowman Baubles

I’ve made these with my kids! You use their little hands to leave a white painted handprint and then make the snowmen little faces, buttons, noses, and hats. These snowman baubles are one of my favorites and their grandparents love them!

131. Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft

You don’t need snow to make a snowman. You can make this snowman out of a toilet paper roll, construction paper, ribbon, Q-Tips, and red tissue paper! Simple, but cute.

132. DIY Snowman Card

Make your own snowman card by stamping your snowman to life and adding glittery snow all around him! Don’t forget his hat and scarf.

133. Snowflake Craft

This snowflake mobile is super cute! You can paint and decorate your own snowflakes and then add twine to hang them from a stick.

134. Make Your Own Paper Snowflake Puzzle

This is not only a fun craft, but a great problem solving Christmas craft. Cut out old school snowflakes and let your little one take the small pieces back!

snowflake craft for kids - q tip snowflakes on paper backing from Crafty Morning

135. Sparkly Snowflakes

Make these sparkly snowflakes using blue paper, Q-Tips, and silver sparkles and pipe cleaners. These ornaments are so pretty. The silver and white pop brightly against the blue paper.

136. Snowman Scene

You can make Christmas scenes like this snowman scene with snowflake sparkles as a super cute craft. Turn it into a car or an ornament!

137. Salt Dough Fingerprint Snowman

This small fingerprint snowman is super cute and easy to make. Once it is dry go ahead and paint a snowman on it along with a winter wonderland.

Candy Cane Crafts for Christmas

pipe cleaner candy cane craft

138. Easy Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

Don’t want candy around? No problem! You can make these easy and cute pipe cleaner candy canes. They’re so easy to do you and you can make all sorts of different colored ones.

139. C Is For Candy Cane

Turn crushed up candy canes into a a fun craft that will teach your little one their ABC’s.

140. Cotton Candy Canes

These candy canes are cute an fuzzy. Sounds weird, but it is a great candy cane activity that is easy for toddlers and preschoolers to do.

141. Candy Cane Christmas Card

Make a candy cane Christmas card using pipe cleaners to spell out joy. You’ll need to twist together pipe cleaners to make them look like real candy canes.

142. Fizzing Candy Canes

Turn Christmas into a science experiment with this candy cane experiment! It fizzes and the colors from the candy changes the foam colors!

burlap christmas craft for kids making candy cane crafts for kids

143. Burlap Candy Cane

This candy cane decoration is super cute! It would look great on any tree and it is so easy even kids can make it!

144. Candy Cane Christmas Mice

These candy cane Christmas mice are super cute and a great way to turn your candy canes into an ornament or a clever way to hand out treats.

145. Peppermint Christmas Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is not only festive, but it smells like candy canes! This is Christmas activity that is not only fun, but educational as well.

146. Crystal Candy Canes

Use pipe cleaners and borax to do this Christmas STEM activity to create crystal candy canes.

scrunched white and red paper candy cane with a green bow

147. Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

I love Christmas crafts and I think this scrunched paper candy cane is such a great one. It’s super simple to make, yet super cute and would be great even for small kids.

148. Fingerprint Candy Cane Christmas Craft

Use your fingers and finger paint to create this festive candy cane Christmas craft. It looks great against green paper, but I think it would also look nice against black paper as well.

Homemade Gift Wrapping Kids Can Make

potato print wrapping paper to look like santa and reindeer

149. Potato Print Wrapping Paper

Make Santa and Reindeer wrapping paper using potatoes and fingerprints! Presents will be even more special when your create your own wrapping paper.

150. Snowman Gift Bags

Make your gift bags more special by painting them to look like snowmen. You can even add a 3D nose, a bow, and add glitter to make it look like snow!

151. DIY Christmas Bauble Stamper

This is the perfect craft for toddlers! They can create beautiful wrapping paper to use to wrap presents for loved ones using paint, lids, toilet paper rolls, and even cookie cutters! (Link unavailable)

152. Christmas Present Wrapping Activity

Inspire pretend play by letting your little one wrap cardboard boxes. Kids are usually obsessed with presents and pretty wrapping paper, so why not let them play and practice wrapping presents?

handprint mistletoe gift back with pin

153. Handprint Mistletoe Bag

Give your gifts in a lovely little bag with cute mistletoe made from your little ones hands! The red pom poms are the mistletoe berries, but a lot safer than real mistletoe berries.

154. DIY Christmas Crackers

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t Christmas crackers like the snacks you eat, rather, you put a gift in a tube, and wrapping paper, and a joke for people to crack open.

155. Fingerprint Christmas Tags

Make your Christmas tags special with your child’s fingerprints. Make snowmen, reindeer, Christmas hats! It will go perfectly with homemade wrapping paper?

156. Small Christmas Gift Box

Instead of buying a bunch of gift boxes, why not make them? They’re so easy to make. You just need card board, ribbon, double sided tape, and lovely Christmas pictures or wrapping paper.

snowflake gift tags

157. Christmas Tags

Make your gift wrapping even more festive with these snowflake gift tags with red and white striped string. (Link unavailable)

158. Santa Gift Tags

Create these adorable Santa gift tags and make them look a little more real by using soda can tabs as a belt buckle! How cute!

How Many Days Till Christmas?

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advent calendar pocket book

159. One Sheet Advent Pocket Book

Make this homemade advent pocket book to help your kids, and you, countdown till Christmas! Each page has a special pocket where you an stick a special note or gift, making the countdown even more special! Now your kids won’t have to keep asking, “How many days till Christmas.”

160. Prayer Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are usually full of gifts or activities, but this one is full of prayers for people and countries. Spread some good this holiday season by sharing prayer and love!

161. Catholic Advent Crafts and Activities

Here is a huge list of 100+ easy Catholic advent crafts and activities. There are Bible verses, coloring pages, Christmas crafts to do for your advent calendar.

162. Life-Sized Gingerbread Christmas Craft

Help your preschooler make a life-sized gingerbread man cut out so they can decorate it! Use paint, glitters, foam, felt, and bows to decorate it!

163. DIY Advent Activity

Here is another advent calendar which is fun, but it does involve a candle. If you’re worried about a fire hazard then you can use LED battery candles. This salt dough candle holder with cloves smells so good!

advent calendar candle holder

164. Homemade Tea Bag Advent Calendar

Use tea bags to create an easy and cute advent calendar. Use each tea bag to hold all your advent calendar activities.

165. Blank Christmas Cards Advent Countdown

Use this advent activity for your Christmas countdown! Create a gifts and bows Christmas tree card together as a family.

166. Advent Calendar Activity

Create glitter and sequin ornaments for one of your advent activities. This family made all sorts of festive shapes and even make some keepsake ornaments.

167. DIY Advent Calendar Craft

Create your own advent calendar with a paper cutter, envelopes, and a list of printable advent activities!

168. Advent Calendar Activities

Looking for more activities for your advent calendar? Here is a list of 100 advent calendar activities and ideas that includes free printables.

100 advent activities and free printables

169. Advent Candle

This is a great way to countdown till Christmas while learning about Jesus. This craft does involve a candle, if you’re worried you can use an LED candle.

170. Advent Activity

This family brought science in Christmas! For Day 2 of their advent calendar they created a baking soda painted Christmas tree. This would be such a fun advent calendar activity to do.

171. Science Christmas Advent Activitiy

This is another Christmas activity that is perfect for your Advent calendar! This was Inspirational Laboratories day 20 activity. They created chromatography Christmas ornaments.

172. DIY Advent Calendar

This family created a Christ-centered advent calendar and show you step by step how they made it using metal pans and magnets.

Christmas science advent activities

173. Advent Science Activity

With this advent activity, you’ll be teaching your child how to use a map, while having a scavenger hunt to gather craft supplies to put together a cute Christmas craft.

174. Advent Calendar

Make this Christmas tree advent calendar to show your children how many days till Christmas. You use paper rolls to hold all the different treats and activities.

175. Christmas Countdown

Create these faux giant Hershey kisses to create a fun way to countdown to Christmas. Each kiss has a fun Christmas activity for you and your kids do together.

176. Blue And White Framed Snowman

This is a part of a blank Christmas cards advent series, and I love it! Each day you create a new Christmas card, and this one is a super cute felt snowman!

177. Free Advent Calendar

Use these free printables to print out 25 advent coloring sheets to start counting how many days till Christmas!


Related: More DIY Christmas ornaments

beautifully beaded ornaments

178. Beautifully Beaded Ornaments

These beautifully beaded ornaments look like the type of ornaments you would buy at the store. They’re colorful, beautiful and in every shape!

179. Mini Wreath Photo Frame

Create photo wreath ornaments using wooden ornaments you can paint and glue pom poms too or colorful buttons. This ornament would make a great keepsake and a great gift for relatives who live far away.

180. Bath Bomb Ornaments

These bath bomb ornaments are not only super cool, smell good, and colorful, but once you use them you’ll find they have cool little surprises in them.

181. Sled Ornament

Use popsicle sticks and paint and create the cutest little sled I’ve ever seen. It looks like those old school sleds we used to use way back in the day!

lollipop christmas ornament made of clay

182. Lollipop Ornament

You can use clay to create a large colorful swirly lollipop ornament which is perfect for your regular Christmas tree or it even make a super cute outdoor ornament.

183. Mitten Christmas ornaments

This mitten Christmas craft is so cute and great for toddlers and preschoolers. Use their hand to create a mitten and then add beautiful buttons and gems to it to make it stand out against your tree.

184. Paper Flower Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree in these beautiful green and red roses! Add sparkles around the edges for a personal touch!

185. Paper Plate Ornaments

Use paper plate, construction paper, and colorful tissue paper to create cute paper plate ornaments. This is a great ornament craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners!

186. Polar Bear Ornaments

Polar bears are awesome. Who doesn’t love polar bears? Now you can make your own felt and foam polar bear ornaments!

sparkly felt flower ornaments

187. Easy Flower Ornament

Fill your Christmas tree with sparkly flowers! These layered flower felt ornaments are colorful, soft, and sparkly!

188. Hand Sewn Christmas Ornaments

Hand sewing is an important life skill that is largely forgotten. So teach your kids this life skill while creating a beautiful hand sewn ornament! (Link unavailable)

189. Fill And Shake Christmas Ornaments

Use large clear plastic ornaments to create these glitter filled ornaments! You paint the inside with glue and use all the confetti and sparkles you want to create a beautiful work of art for your Christmas tree.

190. DIY Wood Slice Ornament

Use wood slices to make cute ornaments. In this craft they painted a snowy scene and put a black bear on it! You could choose any animal you wanted!

191. Christmas Cranberry Ornaments

Make your own ornaments using dried cranberries! Not only is the deep red a lovely color for Christmas, but your Christmas tree will smell so good! I think I’d make them alongside the dried orange ornaments on this list.

grandma's little help Christmas ornament

192. Little Helper Elf Ornament

Help your little one make a fingerprint Elf ornament. In this one it was labeled “Grandma’s little helper” but any name would work!

193. Dried Pasta Ornaments

These dried pasta ornaments are super cute. They are textured with many different shapes and the shiny silver makes them look very classy.

194. Christmas Ornament Sun Catchers

Make these beautiful sun catcher ornaments for your windows! Make your ornament templates and then used colorful transparent plastic to fill in the gaps to let in rainbow light!

195. Keepsake Ornament

Use salt dough to make a mitten using your child’s hand, then cut out the palm and place your child’s photo in it to create this Christmas keepsake.

196. Burlap Ornaments

I love the rustic Christmas look. It looks so chic and classy, as do these burlap ornaments with sparkly snowflakes.

mason jar lid keepsake Christmas ornaments

197. Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Turn mason jar lids to create keepsake ornaments that will hold your child’s photo. These are cute and would make great gifts for relatives!

198. Time Capsule Ornament

I love this idea and it makes such a great gift. Use this free printable, a clear ornament, a photo, as well as trinkets to create a memento to remember your child’s age.


I would have never thought of using LEGOs this way, but I won’t lie, I’m loving it! Turns out LEGOs can make the cutest Christmas decorations from snowflakes to Santa and Snowman.

200. Orange Clove Ornaments

These dried orange and clove ornaments smells so good and they looks lovely! It’s great for the more rustic Christmas decor.

201. Children’s Art Ornaments

Turn your toddlers art into keepsake ornaments using clear ornaments and Modge Podge.

sparkly tinsel ornaments

202. Sparkly Tinsel Christmas Ornaments

Who doesn’t love sparkles? These sparkly tinsel Christmas ornaments not only makes beautiful ornaments, but also gives your child some practice with their cutting skills.

203. Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments

Use a simple salt dough, cookie cutters, and a ton of glitter to make beautiful Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments! You can add stickers, yard, anything you want to make them as festive as possible!

204. Apple Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree smell heavenly with these apple cinnamon ornaments. They’re simple, and sweet smelling, plus I like how the rustic brown would look against plaid ribbon in the tree. I would maybe add some white glue to look like icing though.

205. Filled Ornaments

Fill your ornaments with mini LEGOs and rainbow rubber bands to make colorful textured ornaments and add a bow for a final touch.

206. Handmade Vintage Diorama Ornaments

Who doesn’t love vintage stuff? I do and that is why I love these ornaments. These ornaments use vintage images in shadow boxes to remind us of the past.

nature christmas crafts

207. Natures Ornaments

Making ornaments doesn’t have to be complicated. Just use what Mother Nature provides. Here are 10 different Christmas ornaments you can make with nature.

208. Salt Dough Ornaments

Use this salt dough recipe to make a lot of different ornaments like candy canes, holly, Santa, stockings, snowmen, bells, and hearts.

209. Tin Foil Christmas Ornaments

These tin foil ornaments are shiny and colorful! All you need is tinfoil, markers and cardboard. Simple and cute!

210. Easy Stamped Ornaments

Make these precious ornaments with salt dough! All you need is wooden stamps to create fun, rustic, ornaments for you Christmas tree.

211. Christmas Wreath Ornaments

This Christmas craft is perfect even for toddlers and preschoolers. Create tear art that looks like Christmas holly and turn it into a Christmas wreath ornament.

pour paint christmas ornaments

212. Pour-Paint Ornaments

Create beautiful sparkly pour-paint ornaments to make your Christmas tree bright and vibrant. You can use clay ornaments or clear plastic ornaments for this craft.

213. Glittery Bird Ornaments

Recycle your old CD’s to turn them into glittery bird ornaments. These are bright, sparkly, and colorful, and a fun way to decorate your tree! You can make a bird of every color!

214. Christmas Card Ornaments

Don’t throw out your Christmas cards! Turn them into lovely Christmas ornaments so you can remember the warm thoughts your friends and family sent you.

215. Gift Wrap Medallion Ornaments

Decorate your tree with these colorful ornaments made from gift wrap! They’re in the shapes of medallions with cute small bows at the center.

216. Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with well…Christmas trees. These paper Christmas tree ornaments are shiny, colorful, and beautiful! Fun fact, shiny ornaments actually makes your Christmas tree look fuller!

DIY christmas paper tree ornaments

217. Pine Cone Ornaments

Make your own ornaments out of nature! These pine cone ornaments look great against Christmas trees and you can make them festive by adding color and sparkles!

218. Glittered Christmas Ornaments

I absolutely love these glittered Christmas ornaments. They look like the type of ornaments you would buy at the store.

219. Painted Wooden Ornaments

Many places sell small pieces of wood cut in various shapes. All you need is to drill a small hole into them, and paint them in all different colors and add some glitters, sequins, confetti, and rhinestones and you have homemade beautiful wooden ornaments!

220. Melted Pony Bead Ornaments

I didn’t know people still di this, but I’m glad they do! These melted pony bead ornaments are beautiful with their different colors and designs!


peppermint sugar scrub Christmas gift

221. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

This peppermint sugar scrub is the perfect gift for someone! Self-care is super important! This sugar scrub not only exfoliates, but moisturizes and makes you smell amazing!

222. Christmas Charm Bracelet

I love homemade gifts. It shows that someone put a lot of effort and love into something. This Christmas charm bracelet is no different and is super cute and festive. Perfect to match any Christmas outfit!

223. Salad Spinner Christmas Card

Use your salad spinner, glue, and glitter to create the prettiest Christmas card. They’re abstract and lovely!

224. Homemade Christmas Card For Dad

Make a Christmas card for Dad since he works so hard making sure everyone has a nice holiday! Instead of an A, create a Christmas tree complete with sparkly garland.

225. Rainbow Spice Mix

Create these lovely bottles of rainbow spice mix for your friends and family. It’s a great gift for those who like to cook and you can make multiple bottles with the seasonings you buy.

Rainbow spice mix Christmas Gift

226. Christmas Cards

Create red and green Christmas tree Christmas cards to hand out or mail to friends and family this year.

227. Homemade Christmas Gifts

Who doesn’t love receiving homemade Christmas gifts. Especially when you put so much love and effort into them! Here is a list of 6 awesome Christmas gifts you children can make!

228. Button Christmas Cards

This is a great craft to do with your toddler. Let them glue on green and blue buttons on a sparkly background to create these very classy button Christmas cards.

229. Bottle Cap Holly Christmas Card

Recycle your bottle caps to look like holly berries and pair them with green leaves to look like holly leaves. This makes a lovely recycled Christmas card to give to family and friends.

230. Homemade Christmas Card For Mom

Make mom a special Christmas card using sequins! It’s lovely, shiny, and a extremely sweet considering most mom’s put a lot of effort into Christmas.

231. Toddler Art Christmas Card

Turn your toddler’s art into lovely Christmas cards that grandparents will adore!

handmade christmas cards

232. Handmade Christmas Cards

Sometimes the most special gift is simply a Christmas card. These ones are extra special because not only are they handmade from your children, but it has their pictures on them. This is perfect for those relatives that live far away.

233. Handprint And Photo Keepsake

Create a keepsake that looks like a mitten with your child’s photo in the middle with their name and year for relatives who are far away. It can be a sweet Christmas decoration or ornament.

234. Christmas Gifts For Teachers

Teachers work hard every year dealing with so much and are deserving or a Christmas gift. They are unsung heroes. I love this idea of filling a coffee cup with cookies, candy canes, Starbucks gift cards, and more.

235. Decorated Gift Jars

Decorate the lids of jars to create homemade gift jars you can fill with candies, marshmallows, and hot chocolate mix. These make the most perfect Christmas gifts.


Gingerbread play dough

236. Gingerbread Play Dough

Toddlers love playing with gingerbread play dough! Adult supervision is required, especially if you are using buttons and other small objects to decorate!

237. Jingle Bell Slime

Make this jingle bell slime to squish and stretch. It’s green, gloopy, and makes awesome Christmas music with all the different colorful bells within the slime.

238. Snowman Playdough

We found a list of 10 snowman playdough activities that your kids will love! From snowman slime, to glitter playdough, to ornaments, keep busy with all these playdough activities.

239. Play Doh Ornaments

Use Play Doh and cookie cutters to create fun ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just leave them out to dry after you poke a hole in them and you have easy, colorful, ornaments.

240. DIY Christmas Erasers

This may not be a playdough craft, but it uses Sculpey eraser clay! Use the eraser clay and Christmas baking molds, preferably silicone, and create your own festive erasers! These would make a great gift or cute stocking stuffers.

Green Christmas tree playdough

242. Playdough Christmas Tree

Make some green playdough and shape it into a cone or a tree shape and go to town decorating it with sparkles, pipe cleaners, confetti, buttons!

243. Christmas Glitter Playdough

Make red and green playdough with this homemade playdough recipe and add sparkles! Then you use do what you want with it! Make ornaments, use cookie cutters, make pinch pots. The possibilities are endless.

244. Winter Nature Playdough Kit

This playdough craft is amazing! Not only do you get to make 3 different colored playdough. You will gather supplies and create your own winter scene with pine, twigs, small trees, cinnamon, pine cones, and cranberries.

DIY Christmas Decorations

cupcake liner wreath

245. Cupcake Liner Wreath

Make tiny wreaths with cupcake liners, bows, and sprinkles! It’s simple, yet super cute and a perfect craft for small kids.

246. DIY Present Wreath

Create your own Christmas wreath using small empty Christmas boxes. Wrap them in colorful wrapping paper and ribbons! You could possibly turn this wreath into an advent calendar as well.

247. Egg Carton Jingle Bells

Create your own jingle bells with egg cartons! Paint them any color you want, add glitter, tiny bells, and pipe cleaners and you will have beautifully festive bells to hang!

248. Pipe Cleaner Garlands

Make your own garland using sparkly pipe cleaners. Pick any colors you like! I like the classic silver, gold, red, and green colors.

249. Christmas Bunting

Make your own Christmas bunting to decorate inside or outside! Use different colored and designed tissue paper on foil or clear banners to make a festive decoration.

fingerpaint wreath

250. Fingerprint Wreath

Christmas is the best time for keepsake gifts–like this fingerprint wreath! Help your kids use fabric paint it to place the fingerprints on a tote, a towel, or an apron with fabric paint and give it to a loved one. via Crafty Morning

251. Hanger Wreath

Create a hanger wreath using a metal hanger and toilet paper rolls. You will also need paint, pom poms, foam, and ribbons too.

252. DIY Christmas Tree Word Decorations

These are absolutely amazing, but they take a considerable amount of school and probably a wood shop to make. Or you can buy the letters at most craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but these DIY Christmas tree word decorations have a very classy look to them.

253. Candy Cane Wreath

Candy canes are not just for munching and hanging! You can turn your candy canes into very pretty Christmas decorations like this wreath! I love the sparkles, snowflakes, and the colorful candy canes.

254. Orange And Cloves Pomanders

Create a lovely Christmas decoration that smells amazing! The cloves and oranges will leave your house smelling so good and you can add rhinestones and ribbons to make this decoration look even more pretty!

holly and mistletoes

255. Holly and Mistletoes

This craft is great if you have 2 kids with at 2 different ages. You can use one foot to create one of the mistletoe leaves, and the other child’s foot to make the other leaf, and it makes a super cute keepsake decoration. (Link unavailable)

256. Christmas Star

Don’t just decorate inside! Decorate outside too and you can by making this Christmas star using outdoor items like sticks and twigs.

257. Holiday Gift Garland

Make your garland a little extra this year by adding beautifully wrapped gift boxes! Use small empty boxes, your favorite paper, beautiful tapes, ribbons, and bows to create a lovely Christmas decoration for your tree or mantle.

258. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Your child can make a paper plate Christmas wreath all on their own! All they need is a paper plate with the middle cut out, sparkly pom poms, glue, and green yarn. I love this craft. It’s simple and cute.

259. Christmas Holly Wreath

This is a Christmas wreath craft that is better suited for bigger kids like kids in the 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd grade as it requires quite a bit of precise cutting. But the rest of it is simple using glue, red tissue paper, and a paper plate.

homemade paper plate Christmas wreaths

260. 3 Homemade Paper Plate Christmas Wreaths

Check out all 3 of these cute Christmas wreaths can make. Make a wreath with tissue paper and red pom poms, a yarn wreath, or a simple advent wreath.

261. Pine Cone Decorations

These pine cone decorations are perfect for Christmas trees or even as centerpieces or would look nice in jars with other Christmas trinkets.

262. DIY Bow Wreath

Make a easy and cheap wreath that is super cute and festive with gift wrapping bows! You can even add ribbon to make this colorful wreath even more fun!

263. Gluey Wool Decorations

This is a messy craft your kids will love! They can make homemade Christmas decorations using glue, yard, and glitter!


Santa Hat Cupcake

264. Santa Hat Cupcake

These Santa hat cupcakes are sweet and moist with delicious frosting, but the hat is made of fresh fruit which gives this tasty treat a fresh twist.

265. Graham Cracker House

Make a graham cracker house as a fun gingerbread house alternative for little ones. via Hungry Happenings

266. Gingerbread People Decorating

Make classic gingerbread men and decorate them with icing and sprinkles! This is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

267. Rudolph The Red Nosed Cookies

Make Rudolph the red nosed cookies by adding pretzels, M&M’s, and chocolate chips to sugar cookies.

268. Peppermint Cookies

What is more festive than peppermint cookies? You can even shape them to look like candy canes by coloring some of the dough too! They are sweet, soft, and delicious!

Christmas Tangram Cookies

269. Christmas Tangram Cookies

Who doesn’t love buttery sweet cookies with sprinkles? Plus, these tangram cookies teach math! Tangrams are a geometric puzzle consisting of pieces that can be used to make different shapes. These Christmas cookies are delicious and fun. I guess we can say just this once, it is okay to play with your food.

270. Cornbread Stuffing

This cornbread stuffing is a perfect side to go with your ham this Christmas! It’s a delicious sage stuffing which will compliment the sweet ham perfectly!

271. Gumdrop Christmas Trees

This is not so much as a recipe as it is just a Christmas treat. It’s a great activity and snack all in one!

272. Espresso Fudge

Fudge is one of those sweets that are given around the holidays and this one is amazing! Chocolatey, rich, with a hint of chocolate! Plus, just a fun fact, coffee actually enhances the taste of chocolate.

273. Christmas Tree Cones

These Christmas tree cones are delicious treats that are also fun to make! Use waffled cones, green frosting, candies, sprinkles, and gum drops to make a sweet Christmas tree.

Nativity Crafts

DIY baby Jesus in a manger

274. DIY Baby Jesus In A Manger

Jesus is the reason for the season and now you can teach your child about Jesus with this super adorable craft! We all know the story about Jesus being born in a manger, and now your child can recreate Jesus and the manger with their hands.

275. Vegetable Printing Nativity Scene

Recreate the nativity scene with vegetables! Who knew you could use vegetables for painting! This is not only a fun craft (Who doesn’t like painting?), but is a good way to teach your children about Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.

276. Nativity Pop-up Card

Create the best Christmas card by creating a pop-out Nativity scene in the card. It has baby Jesus and the 3 wise men in it.

277. Nativity Sensory Bin

Recreate the nativity scene into a sensory bin using: wooden clothes pin, and add different textures like farm animal figures, metal Christmas angels, brown cringle paper or straw.

278. Nativity Craft

Learn about the nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ with this craft. They’ll get to recreate the barn and manger that held Jesus with the great star that showed the Wise Men where to go.

279. Silhouette Nativity Painting

What better way to learn about Christ’s birth than this beautiful nativity painting. You can see the star, the manger, and Mary and Joseph against a dark starry night.

280. Nativity Fingerprint Craft

Recreate the birth of Jesus with finger paints! With this craft you’ll be painting baby Jesus in a manger with a large glowing star above it.

281. Nativity Crafts For Kids

We found a list of beautiful nativity crafts for kids. Some are unconventional, others are more classic, but they’re all cute!

Christmas Angels

Christmas angel egg carton craft


Who would of thought an egg carton could create the sweetest little angel decoration. This angel has a halo, little green gem shoes, and even feathery wings. It is lovely!

283. Easy Paper Plate Angel

Create a paper plate angel using glitter, paper plates, construction papers, and sparkly pipe cleaners. I love the golden glitter wings!

284. Handprint Angel

Make angels from your handprints and your fingerprints and then outline it with beautiful metallic gold paint. It looks amazing!

285. Clothespin Angel

I love these clothespin decorations. They seem so rustic and sweet. This clothespin angel has blue wings, a lace dress, a gold halo, and looks like she is holding a book of hymns. Perfect for celebrating Christmas.

286. DIY Fingerprint Singing Angels

This is another craft that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. They can use their fingers to make beautiful singing angels. Then they can use a paintbrush to create halos and little faces for them.

photo peg angel

287. Photo Peg Angels

This Christmas ornament is perfect for your own tree, but even more so for relatives, like grandparents, who may live far away. This way they can see their little angel every year.

288. Paper Plate Angels

Make silver and gold angels using paper plates, colorful feathers, paint, sparkles, and pipe cleaners! These angels are colorful and beautiful!

289. Paper Plate Angel Craft

I love angel crafts and this one is so pretty. I love the colors they chose and the silver glitter, and white halo! Plus they look so sweet and serene singing hymns!

290. Pine Cone Angel Christmas Crafts

Make these simple angels using pine cones! The pine cones are their bodies and then you add the head, yarn hair, and silver wings, and halos! (Link unavailable)

291. Feather And Pipe Cleaner Angels

Make angels that look out of this world with flowy feathery bodies, golden wings, and a golden halo!

Paper towel rool Christmas Angels

292. Paper Towel Roll Christmas Angels

Use a paper towel roll and coffee filters to create this beautifully serene angel for Christmas! She has a lovely flowy dress, with a sequined necklace, and a golden halo.

293. Folded Circle Angel

This angel is so easy to make! Plus, it is colorful with all sorts of lovely patterns on its wings and clothes. Not to mention, creating it’s face is very easy.

294. Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Make this sweet angel girl with a toilet paper roll. She looks serene and happy with her golden halo, sparkly gown, and candle that shines brightly.

295. Angel Craft

This angel craft is based around an Awana craft. Use use paper, lace doilies, and a gold halo, with a wooden head. This is a beautiful craft.

296. Christmas Angel

Make this darling Christmas angel out of recycled items! Not only is it precious, but you can recycle as well!

Bell angel garland

297. Bell Angel Garland

Wrap your tree in this beautiful angel garland. These angels are super easy to make, but absolutely beautiful.

298. DIY Angel Handprint

Make this happy little angel with a sparkly halo using your hands! White paint makes the body and the wings of this angel and then all you have to do is add the head, face, and sparkly halo!

299. Dollar Bill Angel

Not only is this dollar bill Angel craft super cute that makes a sweet way to give money for Christmas.

300. Clothespin Angels

Make a beautiful singing angels using paper doilies, pipe cleaners, and you guessed it…Glitter!

301. Little Angel

Put together this little wooden angel to hang on your tree or to use as Christmas decor.

cupcake liner angel craft

302. Cupcake Liner Angels

Use colorful cupcake liners to create these precious little Christmas angels using sparkly pipe cleaners to make their little halos.

Educational Holiday Activities For Kids

Christmas ABC activity

303. Christmas ABC Activity

Using green tape create a Christmas tree that your children can decorate with ABC ornaments.

304. Christmas Pudding Counting Game

Make these Christmas pudding crafts to help teach your child numbers and counting using red and black pom poms.

305. Christmas Book Activities

Here is a list of 20 Christmas Books and Christmas Activities to do with your children this year!

306. Christmas Glue Craft

This craft is super simple! You color a few bottles of Elmer’s glue and you will also need a mirror. This Christmas craft will allow your toddler and preschooler to hone their fine motor skills, but in a very messy way.

307. Christmas Stocking Matching Activity

Make your own foam stockings and decorate them with different stickers and decorative tape to create a fun Christmas matching game for your little ones.

christmas sensory bin

308. Christmas Sensory Bin

Create this colorful Christmas sensory bin using beans, lentils, cranberries, chopsticks, spoons, and other various leaves and trinkets.

309. Christmas Math

Create a Christmas tree by doing math and practicing: cutting, measuring, fine motor skills, gluing, and even counting backwards. Your kids won’t even realize they’re learning because this craft is messy and fun!

310. Fill The Alphabet Stocking

Use a Christmas stocking to help your children not only learn the alphabet, but also help them relate different words with each letter on this scavenger hunt.

311. Storytelling Ornament

This is such a great Christmas craft. You can read a Christmas story together and then make an ornament based on the story you just read.

312. Letter Matching Christmas Literacy Activity

Who said Christmas couldn’t be educational? Help your child learn their ABC’s and learn to spell with this Christmas tree and foam letters!

fine motor skill christmas activity

313. Fine Motor Skills Christmas Activity

Decorate the small felt Christmas trees using plastic tweezers and mini pom poms. This activity will help your little one develop better motor skills as they have to use the tweezers to pick up, maneuver, and let go of the mini pom poms.

314. Mr. Willoby’s Christmas Tree By Robert Barry

Read Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree with your child to teach them how easy it is to share holiday joy. Plus there are 5 different crafts to go along with it.

315. Christmas Tree Math

Here is a simple math concept you can create using tubes, construction paper, and red tissue paper. You number the cardboard and then glue the “ornaments” on it correlating tree.

316. Christmas Window Cling

This Christmas window cling activity will make an interestingly festive science lesson!

317. Writing Letters To Santa

Here is how your child can write a letter to Santa around the world. Not only is it a fun Christmas activity for your child, but it also works on their writing, spelling words, and they will learn how to send a letter.

my penguin story and craft

318. My Penguin Osbert By Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Read this beautiful Christmas story with your child and then make your own penguin!

Other Christmas Tips, Ideas, And Activities

gingerbread man shape busy bag

319. Gingerbread Man Shape Busy Bag

The holiday season is busy. Like really busy. There are errands, shopping, family, friends, and the list goes on. It is a great idea to have a busy bag on hand for your little one and this Gingerbread man shape matching one, is perfect!

320. No Gifts For Christmas

Gifts are a huge part of Christmas and part of the fun. Who doesn’t love waking up and running downstairs to see all the colorfully wrapped boxes. But there are many reasons why why some people don’t give their children gifts, especially in very busy families.

321. DIY Christmas Activity Sheets

If you don’t have a printer or a lot of money for crafts this year these DIY Christmas activity sheets are perfect!

322. Christmas Games

Here are more Christmas activities that are festive and educational and give you some time to get things done. Or you can do these games together!

323. Christmas Busy Bag

This busy bag is so cute and super easy to make! Plus it will give your child hours of fun which will allow you to have time to get things done. All you need is ribbons, bells, and seasoning bottles.

gingerbread party

324. Gingerbread Party

Have a birthday in December? Just want to have a fun get together? Have a gingerbread man house party!

325. Busy Bags For Christmas

Keep your toddler busy with these 24 busy bag ideas! They’re Christmas themed and will be enough to keep your little one busy and preoccupied while you’re getting everything ready for the holidays.

326. Snowman Game

This is a fun snowman game you can play together as a family as you turn each other into snowmen using toilet paper, hats, scarves, tape, and carrots.

327. Christmas Coloring Pages Make Great Templates for Christmas Crafts

First, start with our fun paper plate snowglobe craft for kids and then grab your favorite Christmas coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog:

Whew! That was a lot of Christmas craft ideas for kids of all ages. Did we miss any of your favorite kids holiday crafts? Add them in the comments below…

Pssst…best Christmas activities for kids!

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