This holiday season use your child’s handprint to make Christmas handprint art and other Christmas handprint crafts. Christmas handprint art are great for little hands, even the youngest artist. The good news is that holiday handprint crafts are good for kids of all ages at home or in the classroom.

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Let’s make Christmas handprint art!

Christmas Handprint Crafts

Christmas handprint crafts are some of my favorite holiday keepsakes that my kids have made. We’ve found our favorite holiday handprint art ideas to share with you so you can make your own.

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Handprint crafts double as heirlooms. And there is no better time than the holidays to be pulling out special memories from the decoration boxes. Plus, handprint crafts make great kid-made gifts for loved ones, especially those who may live far away. These hand print crafts memorialize memories forever.

No matter your child’s age, these handprint art ideas work great. We often use Kindergarten handprint crafts as preschool Christmas crafts or with younger kids like toddlers or even babies.

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Best Christmas Handprint Art

1. Cutest Reindeer Handprint Craft

Make handprints into antlers for a fun reindeer holiday craft. via Kids Activities Blog – this simple handprint Christmas crafts is perfect for even the youngest crafter. This could easily be a craft done for a group like a daycare or classroom activity. This reindeer Christmas ornament is so sweet.

2. Nativity Handprint Ornament Art

A hand print craft that makes a nativity salt dough ornament.
There is a reason for the season, which is why I love these nativity ornaments.

Colorful handprint stable art is so sweet! Look at that Baby Jesus! via Crafty Morning – this is absolutely the perfect Sunday School craft.  It reminds me of our handprint nativity ornament. Acylic paint words best on this kids’ handprint ornament.

3. Handprint Keepsake Ornament

Handprint handprints are so pretty! via A Little Pinch of Perfect – These keepsakes are well…perfect! This is one of the more fun ideas. This one is not a salt dough handprint ornaments, but it’s still super cute.

4. Snowman Canvas Ornament

Christmas handprint crafts- snowman canvas ornament-kids activities blog
How cute is this canvas ornament? It’s also a keepsake!

Turn fingers into snowmen for an adorable fingerprint art ornament. via First Grade Blue Skies – fingerprints are turned into snowy skies.  And then she turned little 4×4 canvases into snowmen families. I love handprint snowman ornaments.

FootPrint Christmas Crafts

5. Handprint And Footprint Art Ideas For Christmas

This holiday handprint art is the perfect gift for family members. via Etsy – OMG…the cuteness! If you are looking for original and adorable holiday cards, check out how these hand (and foot) prints create just the perfect sentiment for a Christmas list.

6. Christmas Tree Handprint Art

Christmas handprint crafts- Christmas tree handprint art craft- kids activities blog
Make a Christmas tree with your hands!

Handprint Christmas Tree cards are so cute! via Fun Handprint Art Blog– In this case, the handprint actually IS the tree. Easy for kids of all ages to decorate. This easy craft would be great for kid-made holiday cards. This handprint tree is a fun way to make a Christmas keepsake!

7. Santa Handprint Ornament

These salt dough Santa clause handprint ornaments are so bright and cheery. via Momma Society – another super originally awesome idea for your holiday craft bucket list. The fingers of the handprint make Santa’s beard (the thumb is his hat). This handprint Santa turns out quite magical. You could turn this into a baby’s first Christmas handprint ornament (with a little help.)

8. Mitten Handprint Ornament

An adorable handprint mitten ornament made from salt dough is perfect for your tree. via Fun Handprint Art Blog – The handprint is “inside” the mitten on this one. Check out below for a craft paper version.

Christmas handprint art that makes penguins, reindeer, and mittens.
Penguins, mittens, lights, and Rudolph…so cute!

9. Handprint Penguin Craft

This adorable handprint penguin craft is perfect for winter. via Crafty Morning – No matter your child’s crafting ability, the resulting penguin is going to be adorable.  The handprint is the penguin’s feet.

10. Christmas Lights Finger Painting

Christmas handprint crafts- Christmas lights finger painting with paints and canvas- kids activities blog
I’ve done this with my kids and it turned out so great!

Make a holiday card with fingerprint holiday lights! via Crafty Morning – Even the youngest participant can help with this because the fingerprints become the lights. This works with kids that can’t even keep their hands “still enough” for a handprint.

11. Cardinal Handprint Craft

Handprints make the perfect winter cardinals! via Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together – The handprint is the body and tail feathers of the bird.  With a little painting wizardry, it all makes perfect sense.

12. Grinch Christmas Card

Christmas handprint crafts- Christmas Grinch card- kids activities blog
A Grinch Christmas card! It’s so cute!

How FUN is this printable card that doubles as a Grinch Christmas card?! via I Heart Arts N Crafts – I was a little skeptical this one would actually turn out to be something recognizable, but I was proved wrong.  You really can make a grinch with a Santa hat on with a handprint. I love this Grinch handprint Christmas card.

13. Christmas Handprint Crafts

I love this handprint Rudolph for adorable holiday art. via Learning and Exploring– what I like about this handprint reindeer is that it uses two handprints.  One for the head/antlers and one for the body and legs/tail. Even has his red nose!

14. More Christmas Hand And Footprint Art

Christmas handprint craft- handprint mitten crafts with pain and pom poms- kids activities blog
How cute are these little mittens?

How adorable are these handprint mittens?! I just love the pom-poms! via The Chirping Moms – like the handprint mitten salt dough craft mentioned above, this craft paper version has the mitten outline and gives the viewer a “peek” inside at the hands.  This could be a really cute classroom craft that decorates the class through winter.

15. Snowflake Handprint Art

I just love this snowflake handprint art!! via In the Playroom – this seems super obvious now that I see it!  The simplicity of the idea. This cute Christmas ornament makes a special gift!

Christmas handprint picture frame, painted pillow, tree skirt, and snowman ornament
These handprint keepsakes are so sweet. Anyone would love receiving these.

16. Christmas Handprint Ideas

You’ll adore hanging this handprint keepsake ornament on the tree year after year! via Teach Me Mommy – putting this on the tree each year is sure to bring a smile. Make multiple so that you can give them to grandma and cherished relatives. This could be a yearly tradition.

17. Santa Handprint Craft

Christmas handprint crafts- Santa handprint craft pillows- kids activities blog
I love these holiday pillows!

Turn your child’s handprint into a holiday pillow keepsake that you’ll cherish for years to come. via The Nerd’s Wife – Santa has never looked better and this sweet sewing project would make absolutely the cutest gift around.

18. Snowman Handprint Art

The sweet poem that goes with this snowman Christmas handprint crafts ornament makes it the perfect gift! via Falling Into First – decorating ornaments is a fun craft and this uses fingerprint power to create the snowman scene.

19. Handprint Christmas Keepsake

Christmas handprint crafts- hand print tree skirt with years keepsake- kids activities blog
This tree skirt is the best keepsake ever!

Turn a white tree skirt into a Handprint Christmas keepsake by adding handprints each year! via Pretty My Party – what a great idea for a family get-together!

20. Toddler Winter Handprint Art

I just love how the fingers make perfect snowmen in this handprint salt dough ornament! via Learning and Exploring Through Play – precious! This snowman ornament uses both hands and would be great to keep or give.

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Which Christmas handprint craft will you be making? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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