This list is the best easy gifts kids can make and give as homemade Christmas ideas. From crayons, to sweets, to toys and more we have kids Xmas gifts for kids of all ages – from toddlers to older kids – to DIY! If you’re looking for a great gift for a family member, teacher, or anyone really, then you can make the perfect gift with these great ideas!

Kid Made Gift Ideas that Kids Can Actually Make - text: 25 easy to make kid-made gifts - collage of 4 homemade Christmas gift ideas easy enough for kids to make - crayons, treats, light sabers and homemade soap pictured - Kids Activities Blog
These DIY Christmas ideas are great for kids!

DIY Christmas Gifts From Kids

Making homemade Christmas gifts creates gifts that mean more and are more personal. Kids Activities Blog has a long history of DIY gifts that you won’t want to miss! 

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When kids make their own DIY Christmas gifts, it can also be economical and give kids an “investment” in the holiday.  I know my kids *LOVE* making gifts for their friends.

17 Homemade Christmas gift ideas for Kids to Create - ideas include homemade crayons, tents, cookies and play dough
These ideas make great kid gifts and family gifts that can be made by kids!

Homemade Christmas Gifts We’ve Made & Gifted

We like using the Thanksgiving holiday break to plan and make kid-made gifts. So many of these Christmas gift ideas are some of our favorite easy crafts.

Keeping the kids occupied while they are making gifts is a win-win!

Great Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make to Give to Kids

1. Make Your Own Crayons

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- rainbow homemade gift crayons that look like fish
Let’s make homemade crayons as a gift!

Melt Crayons to create new ones that your kids can give to friends. Add a small notebook for the perfect crafty gift. This will make such a wonderful gift for kids that love to color! And it can be budget-friendly as you can get crayons at the Dollar Store. These would also make great stocking stuffers this holiday season.

2. Kids Outdoor Tent

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Image shows a homemade tent in a backyard.
A tent is always a good choice.

Make a Tent Kit made from PVC pipe and Fabric – Make a hideout for the kids in your life. This diy project is one of my favorite handmade gift ideas. It’s a great way to get kids outside playing and exploring imaginative play. Or it could be a secret hide out for your kid and their best friend. My kiddo would totally use this as a reading hide out.

3. How To Make Putty

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Image shows a green silly putty on a table.
Making a silly putty is so easy.

Use homemade silly putty or play dough to create a yo-yo. Stuff the dough into a balloon, add a rubber band and you have a swinging toy. This is an easy diy gift and it’s a fun gift. Get creative ideas to use this silly putty. Use it as a sensory activity, use it on playdough mats, this is a fun gift, but so versatile.

4. Sidewalk Paint

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Fizzing-Sidewalk-Paint makes a great homemade gift
Let’s make sidewalk paint!

Fizzing sidewalk paint is a lot of fun for kids. Paint, spray and watch the bubbles pop from the paint. Chalk is the perfect way to get kids outside, but also exploring their creative side! And it’s so much fun.

5. Tree Blocks

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Tree logs used as blocks with dinosaur toys on top.
A quick and fast way to set up some blocks!

Create a set of blocks from a tree branch. Our DIY wooden blocks are still a huge hit a year after they were made! This easy diy gift is a great way to use up wood scraps and allows your child to explore pretend play, STEM activities, and more. I love simple handmade gifts like this.

6. Discovery Bottle

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Shaky bottle with toys inside.
This discovery bottle is so cool.

Help your toddler explore with a discovery bottle – use charms and fill a bottle with the items. Need some last minute gifts for your little one? Discovery bottles are such a great thing as they will keep your kids busy for a long time and help your little ones explore the world around them.

7. Homemade Lightsaber Gifts

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Pool-Noodle-Light-Sabers Make a great homemade kid-made gift
With a little bit of imagination and some pool noodles, you can have great fun.

For the Star Wars fan, give the gift of a set of light sabers.  We have several options.  You can try light sabers out of pool noodles, or check out the smaller version light saber made with gel pens

8. DIY Catapult

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- DIY catapult made with popsicle sticks, rubber bands and a lid.
You won’t believe how easy it is to make a catapult!

Make a DIY catapult that will result in hours of catapulting fun.

9. Best DIY Gift Ideas

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Gift kits that kids can make includes a toy doctor kit.
Kids will enjoy making this kit!

Here are a group of really cool ideas of things you can put together to create a gift kit for kids.

10. Stick Game

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Popsicle sticks house with toy animals.
Such a cute idea!

Create your own DIY game with a set of craft sticks.

11. Alien Slime

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Green slime with googly eyes to look like alien slime from toy story.
Alien slime?! Yes, please!

Make alien slime…it is out of this world.  I really couldn’t resist.

12. Gift DIY Building Blocks

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Toilet roll painted and stacked to look like a city.
Make your own city with toilet paper rolls.

Create a set of building blocks out of the most unusual recycled item…

Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make For The Family

13. Gourmet Lollipops

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Handmade lolipops on a table.
Making your own popsicle is always a great idea.

Make a bouquet of gourmet lollipops with this easy tutorial.

14. How To Make Soap With Toys Inside

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Homemade Treat Soap makes a fun family gift
Get your favorite toys to make some soap!

Encourage kids to wash their hands by making them special bars of “Treat soap” with toys inside of the soap.

15. Super Cute Toothbrush Holder

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Girl holding elephant toy modified to look like a toothbrush holder with toothbrushes in it.
Such an original idea!

These adorable DIY toothbrush holders will delight anyone!

16. Give Delicious Tub of Cookies

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Tub full of homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Delicious chocolate chip cookies!

Tub of Cookies – decorate a spread container to become a great neighbor gift.

17. Key Chain Pictures

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Bottle cap keychain with a photo of a toddler.
What a cute way to bring a photo of your little ones everywhere.

Create a photo key chain to help your long-distance relatives remember you!

18. Homemade Chocolates

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- homemade chocolates make a great gift
Who wouldn’t love some chocolates?

Homemade Chocolates are a yummy, yummy gift sure to bring a smile.

19. Decorated Cloth Napkins

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Kids making cloth napkins with markers.
Handmade cloth napkins are an awesome gift.

Decorate a set of fabric napkins for grandma! Art that is useable is practical fun.

20. Tie For Dad

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Dad tie craft for father's day with crayons.
Grab your crayons!

Transform a Neck Tie into an art masterpiece with this super simple tutorial.

21. Yummy Homemade Peppermint Patties

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Homemade peppermint patties make great gifts when packaged in a box
The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach!

Another one of our favorite gift foods is homemade peppermint patties.

22. Super Sweet Homemade Buckeyes

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Image shows buckeye balls on a table with Christmas decorations.
Try this buckeye balls recipe for the holidays.

Oh yum! What about making some homemade Buckeyes.  These are my favorite!

23. Homemade Coaster

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Image shows a kids' hand holding a glass with orange juice on top of a handmade coaster.
What a lovely gift!

Make a set of homemade coasters that a friend or family can use to keep their surfaces safe from drinks!

24. Easy Holiday Sugar Scrub

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Lavander sugar scrub made by kids.
DIY lavender sugar scrub for an awesome home spa day.

This kid-made sugar scrub recipe is easy and fun to make and give or try making some easy homemade bath salts.

25. Keepsake Magnets

ideas for christmas homemade gifts- Homemade Christmas gifts made by kids.
Handmade gifts are always a great choice!

This is a fun art project that makes a cute keepsake magnet.

More Homemade Christmas Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss!

What homemade gifts will you be making this year? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. We love making homemade Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for all the easy ideas. I think we are going to make the homemade crayons that are shaped like fish.