Child proof your house especially if you have little ones! Do you have a tot who is just beginning to explore the world? Here are some great child safety tip ideas on ways to childproof your home – against the toddler who loves to explore EVERYTHING!

Child Safety Tip - collage of simple baby proofing hacks you can use at home - Kids Activities Blog
These simple baby proofing hacks are easy to use at home!

Genius (and CHEAP) Ways to Childproof Your Home

These tricks will bring some sanity. Promise.

Don’t stress anymore! You can easily childproof your home without breaking the bank. Safety gates and a safety lock is not the only way you can baby proof your idea. There are other ways to protect little hands and your young children.

From sharp corners, electrical outlets, and sharp edges, to baby gates we have the best way to keep your little one safe from potential hazards. While these may be a challenge for small children, their older siblings shouldn’t have a problem with any of these baby proofing ideas. Your house can be a safe place! These baby proofing ideas are great to keep young kids safe are a great idea!

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Child Proofing Your Home

1. DIY Door Muff

Love this idea. Your kids won’t be able to lock themselves into a room with this DIY door muff. I love this. Child-proof locks don’t always work especially since older children who are a little more nimble. via Make and Takes

2. Locks For A Cabinet

If you don’t have fancy locks for a cabinet, have no fear. Go dig around in the cookie cutters, we bet one will fit. Keep your little ones out of kitchen cabinets and keep them away from potential dangers like cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. via Pinterest

3. Make Your Bathtub Safe

Make your bath tub more safe with the help of a laundry basket. Place the basket in the tub and the child in the basket. Less slipping, less falling, and it makes toy clean-up a breeze!

4. DIY Slip Free Socks

As your tot is beginning to walk, we bet their little toes will have problems slipping on the floors. Decorate your socks with fabric paint to help them grip the floor. via I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar

Child Safety Tip

Child baby proofing hacks - 20 ways to childproof - Kids Activities Blog
Baby proofing hacks are easy to implement!

5. Make Bookshelves Safer

Now this idea is GENIUS! Use innertubes around your bookshelves to help “fence” the books in place. No more books tossed all about the room by your kiddo. via Instructables

6. Childproof Fireplace

Fireplaces can be irresistible. But they also have a number of hidden dangers. Board it up to protect inquisitive tots. Childproof Tip: Use a magnetic board. Fun! via Mom Tricks

7. Child Safety Product To Keep Your Little One From Running Off

If you have a child who tends to run off, this child safety product will give you peace of mind. It sets off an alarm if your child leaves the area. via Amazon

Easy baby proofing hacks you can use at home - collage of baby proofing ideas for the home
Awesome baby proofing hacks you will love!

8. Keep Your Kids Pacifier Clean

Don’t worry if your baby drops their pacifier. You can have clean ones ready and waiting in restaurant condiment-to-go containers. via One Crazy House

9. No More Escaping The Crib

Have a Houdini who loves to escape the crib? In this kid hack, adapt their pajamas to make your child a touch less agile. They will sleep in their cribs tonight. via Giddy Upcycled (link unavailable)

10. Childproof Air Vents

Don’t let your kids drop stuff down the air vents. Cover them with tool. It won’t stop the air, but will stop the little bits from being dropped. Nobody wants small parts and small objects stuck in the air vent. via Baby Toolkit

How to Child Proof

Wash toys and shoes in the top shelf of the dishwasher - Kids Activities Blog
The dishwasher is an easy way to clean toys and shoes!

11. How To Sanitize Your Kids Toys

Sanitize your kids toys on a regular basis. Most plastic (non-battery) toys can be washed in the dishwasher on the top shelf safely. via One Crazy House

12. Childproof Fridge

Easy kid tip! Use command clips and a bracelet to stop your child from opening the fridge and helping themselves to the condiments. via Pinterest

13. Secure The Toilet Paper

So easy! You will never go to the bathroom without a hair tie again (or at least not for a few months). In this child proofing house tip, use a tie to secure the toilet paper from tiny fingers. via CK and Nate

Easy baby proofing tips you can use at home - two images of easy baby proofing tips
You can do this at home to baby proof.

14. Protect The Upholstery

Want to save your furniture from sippy cups of grape juice, smears of peanut butter, and all the other gunk that comes with kiddos? Consider child proofing your upholstery with plastic. When your kids are older you can just rip it off. via All Things Thrifty

15. Child Proof Rail Guard

Balcony railings are dangerous both for the falling risk, but also because chubby legs tend to get caught in the rails. Protect your child with a railing guard. This DIY project is easy and worth the peace of mind. via The Mom Bot

16. Video: Food Tips For Toddlers

Limit the risk of choking. Use the cutting hack up above to half meatballs, grapes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and more! Fastest way to chop your kiddos food up!

DIY Child Proofing

baby proofing DIY ideas for doors
These door baby proofing hacks are easy!

17. DIY Door Guard

No more pinched fingers! Make a door guard to protect little fingers from being smashed. All you need is a pool noodle! This is also a great idea to be used as corner guars for a coffee table in the living room or a changing table. Help kids avoid hitting their head and staying out of the emergency room. via Red Delicious Life

18. DIY Door Handle Cover

For the kids who can get into and out of just about any door, you need this baby proofing tip. I don’t think they have tried this one!! Cut a hole into a Tupperware lid, and fashion a door handle cover. To leave they need to unscrew it. via Pinterest

Best Child Safety Products

tub and knob baby proofing ideas - Kids Activities Blog
Look at these easy baby proofing ideas!

19. Safety Bath Gate

If your daughter has longer hair and a fascination with the tub drain you will appreciate a bath “gate”.  The gate protects your child from getting hair stuck in the drain or falling and bonking their head on the faucet. via Woohome

20. Childproof Stove Knobs

These childproof stove knobs are just genius! They are great with tots, but also terrific with older kids who think they may be ready to cook, but you want to make sure to do the heat portion yourself. Get these. via Amazon. Stove guard is a great way to protect your children from hot stoves.

DIY child proofing hacks - easy ways to keep children safe with DIY baby proofing hacks
Easy baby proofing hacks!

21. Corner Protectors

Child safety product. Corners are no match to your child with the help of corner protectors. via Amazon

22. Window Guard

Installing a window guard is a great idea especially if your kids have beds near the window, the extra layer of protection is terrific! via Amazon I love that they have child locks for doors and windows. We all want safe kids and for our homes to be a safe space for them.

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