Today we have 5 different Christmas paper crafts that transform paper into Christmas tree crafts which are great for kids of all ages this holiday season. Not only are Christmas trees the most recognizable Christmas decoration, they are really fun and easy paper crafts which make them great holiday crafts at home or in the classroom.

Paper Christmas Tree Craft Ideas for Kids - Kids Activities Blog - collage of 5 different craft Christmas tree ideas for kids using just paper and holiday decorations
These simple paper craft ideas make the cutest paper Christmas trees!

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids Using Paper

We thought it would be helpful to have a variety of paper Christmas tree craft ideas since they can be done as shown or be inspired by these ideas to make your own paper tree art perfect project.

These kids’ Christmas crafts are perfect for kids of all ages.  We have simplified them to include instructions for toddlers and preschoolers developing fine motor skills, but they are a great idea for older kids too. Older kids can take a sheet of paper and build something amazing!

Any of the flat Christmas tree crafts can be adapted to making Christmas cards or wall decoration art. The 3D Christmas tree makes a lovely centerpiece and take just a little time this holiday season.

Let’s make paper trees for Christmas…you may end up with a whole forest!

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1. Paper Strip Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Christmas tree craft made out of strips of colored paper - Kids Activities Blog
Create this fun Christmas craft out of colorful paper strips.

Supply List

Instructions to Make Paper Strip Christmas Tree

  1. Cut colorful strips of paper.  They can be uniform strips of a certain width or create a variety like is show in our example.
  2. Arrange the strips into a tree shape on a piece of construction paper or paper plate. Trim the ends of the paper strips so that the top of the tree is created with shorter strips than the bottom.  Have fun creating criss-cross patterns or parallel lines.
  3. Glue the strips onto a piece of paper in your tree shape and fashion a trunk at the bottom.
  4. Punch out holes from the colored paper scraps or use scissors to cut small ornament shapes.  Glue those on top the finished tree including a star for the very tippy tree top.

2. Paper Triangle Christmas Trees with Clothes Pin Trunks

paper christmas tree craft - decorated craft paper triangles with clothes pin trunks
These super simple craft trees are great for kids of all ages, even toddlers.

Supplies Needed for Toddler Christmas Tree Art

Steps for Creating Your Paper Triangle Christmas Tree

  1. Cut triangles and triangle shape pieces out of your green paper or green cardstock.
  2. Attach the decorations with glue.
  3. Add a clothes pin at the bottom of each tree as a trunk.

If you are crafting with toddlers, one thing that you could do to eliminate the smaller decoration pieces is to cut the triangles out of cardboard and then cover them with Christmas wrapping paper.  The kids can then attach the clothes pins and make tree forests. 

3. Preschool Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Preschool Christmas craft - paper Christmas tree made out of triangles and stickers
All these shapes can be pre-cut making it a great preschool craft for classroom or home.

Supplies Needed for Preschool Christmas Tree Craft

Steps for Creating Your Preschool Paper Christmas Tree Craft:

  1. Preschoolers can arrange the triangles into a tree and use a glue stick to attach to paper.
  2. Use stickers to create a decorated Christmas tree which is one of the best fine motor skills building activities…ever.

Older kids can cut out the triangles or Christmas tree shape out of green paper as the first step or use a more delicate craft supply like tissue paper to make a tissue paper Christmas tree.

4. Funny Googly Eye Tree Craft for Kids

Funny Christmas tree made from paper and decorated with googly eyes
This is such a silly Christmas craft! What fun!

Supplies Needed for Silly Christmas Tree Craft

Steps for Creating Your Silly Paper Christmas Tree Craft:

  1. Cut paper into triangles – different sizes and they don’t have to be uniform…remember, this is a SILLY craft!
  2. Glue the triangles onto a piece of paper in a not-perfectly straight way.
  3. Add the different size Googly eyes and have a giggle.

5. Make a 3 D Paper Cone Tree for DIY Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas decorations

Supplies Needed for Paper Cone Tree Craft

Steps for Creating Your 3D Paper Christmas Tree Cone

  1. Start with your big piece of paper and create a cone with it.  Tape or glue it securely into a cone shape and trim the bottom so it can sit flat and upright.
  2. Cut the green construction paper into 1.5- 2 inch strips.   Then holding the paper vertically, cut the strips of paper very close to the top, but not all the way through (if you cut your paper 2 inches thick, cut it 1 and 3/4 inches, so there is enough room at the top.
  3. Starting at the bottom of your cone, holding the sides of your paper that isn’t cut, begin gluing the strips of paper to your tree.   Continue and overlap as much as you would like.  
  4. When you get to the top of the tree, take a strip of your cut green construction paper and make another cone that you glue to the top of the tree.
  5. Decorate your 3D paper Christmas tree! It makes the cutest small tree Christmas decoration. Don’t forget to put a star on the top of the Christmas tree.

Now we have a paper cone Christmas tree on every table!


Which of the Christmas paper crafts did you choose? What did your paper Christmas tree look like?

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  1. We love making our own Christmas ornaments! We make a new ornament or decoration every year. My girls are now late teens and we’ve made quite a few over the years. It is good to go back in time and see these every Christmas.