Looking for some holiday hair ideas? You’ve come to the right place for the cutest and silliest Christmas hairstyles. Spread holiday cheer with our favorite fun and festive holiday hair ideas! No matter where you showcase holiday hair, you will be sure to inspire the spirit of Christmas.

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Let’s wear some holiday hair!

Holiday Hair Ideas That Make Us Jolly

Holiday hair style ideas are perfect for family pictures, the last day of school before the holiday starts, or to wear to grandma’s house.

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1. Santa’s Face Bun Hairstyle

Make a Santa’s face from a bun, super cute holiday hairstyle! – via Pinterest.

2. Holly Leaves Bun Decoration for Christmas

Let accessories do the work for you when you deck out a simple bun with holly leaves. – via Thirty Hand Made Days. This link is unfortunately broken, but the image above still shows how easy the hair style is!

3. Holiday Reindeer Bun Hairdo Idea

Give your kids a reindeer bun, all you need are some accessories. SO cute! – via Princess Piggies.

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Christmas Hairstyles that Inspire Cheer

hair ideas for Christmas

4. Holiday Sparkle Hair Style

Make a headband that is full of sparkle and holiday cheer to top your kids hair. – via MayDae

5. Make A Christmas Bow With Your Hair

Who needs a gift bow when you can add a faux-wrapper to your head. Make a bow with your hair. – via Beautylish.

6. Holiday Hair Color Ideas for Christmas Hairdos

Add some Holiday Color to your hair! Don’t go permanent, you can use chalk. – via Deviant Art.

Easy Hairstyles for Christmas Kids

12 hair ideas for christmas

7. Star Hairstyle Perfect for the Holidays

This star hairstyle is perfect not just for July 4th but also for Christmas!! – via A Girl and A Glue Gun.

8. Christmas Ornament Hairstyle

This hairstyle almost looks like Christmas Ornaments, only it’s made entirely of hair. – via Princess Hair Styles.

9. Holiday Wreath Hairstyle

I think this is my favorite hair site! She has terrific instructions like how to make a wreath in your gal’s hair. – via Princess Piggies.

10. Christmas Tree Ribbon Hairstyle

Christmas Tree with ribbon inside a braid.  I *think* we might be able to pull that one off! – via Princess Piggies.

Need even more HOLIDAY in your Hair?

11. Christmas Tree Hairstyles

If none of the hairstyles above have enough holiday spirit for you, you can go all out and bring the tree with you on your head. – via Pinterest User

12. Christmas Tree Braid Hair Idea

Christmas Tree Braid, complete with ornaments to decorate the tree!  – via 9 to 5 Look.

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Christmas Hats + Accessories for Holiday Hair

Xmas accessories for kids

Christmas Hair Bows for Christmas Hair

These holiday themed bows and clips are perfect for any Christmas hair styles. Christmas hairdos need accessories!

Christmas Hair Color for Ultimate Holiday HairDos

These temporary colors are a fun way to jazz up some stylish Christmas hair styles!

More Hairstyles from Kids Activities Blog

Which hair styles are your favorite? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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