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We turn dreams into realities through highly converting websites.

What We Do

We create SEO Strategies and websites that leave our clients with increased organic traffic and a steady stream of leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Our carefully tailored SEO Strategies allow us to think about the big picture and ensure that your campaign is successful. We are a full-service SEO agency, so we do everything from content optimization to data analysis.

Web Design

We design mobile responsive websites specifically designed for your brand and an audience that engages and converts your highly valued visitors into leads.

Houston's Trusted SEO Agency

We ensure that you have an SEO agency that does it all – from assessing your needs to UI/UX design to providing a converting SEO Strategy – giving you more time to focus on your business.

Your website will look professionally designed and polished, your branding will be on point, leaving you with a steady flow of leads and tools to ensure their satisfaction.

Your website will have an advantage over competitors whose websites are not mobile-optimized or with a winning SEO Strategy.

Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue

Our Process & Workflow.

Despite following the same process for SEO Research for all of our clients,  WE DO NOT PROVIDE our clients with a cookie-cutter SEO Strategy. 

With our custom project management system, we stay on top of all deliverables and allow you to make edits in real-time before the due date.

SEO & UI/UX Research
Project Research

We spend five researching to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking on and the latest UI/UX trends for your industry.

Wireframes 101

The wireframes allow us to connect the site’s information structure to its visual design. This workflow allows you to consume pieces of information – like your target audience.

Design Workflow

We design all of our websites based on wireframes to match the aesthetics of your business.

#1 SEO Agency Strategy
SEO Implementation

Your custom SEO strategy allows working on the recommendations we made in your initial SEO Audit. The implementation process is a 3 to a 12-month campaign designed to boost your monthly organic visitors.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

With our strategies crafted to fit the needs of each of our client’s unique needs, we do not follow the one-size-fits-all business model as other agencies. Our obsession with results, speed, and efficiency allows us to remain ahead of our competitors.

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Avg. Conversion

One of web designers working to ensure client satisfication

Our Latest Projects

Our best work turned into case studies.

Presswood Law website site mockup

Presswood Law

A Family Law Firm Based In Austin, Texas.

Kenyatta Computer Services mockup

Kenyatta Computer Services

A Managed IT Service Provider based in Denver, Colorado

Web Design Mockup for Denham Products

Denham Products

An Engineering Design Firm based in Denver, Colorado

What Our Clients Are Sayings

September 22, 2021.
Amazing company with amazing work. Never disappoints. Great on timing and always gets what u want. Would recommend to anybody
Nahjee Maybin
Nahjee Maybin
September 17, 2021.
Working with the team has been a blast. Very flexible and ready to work with what you need.
Glenda Demas
Glenda Demas
September 15, 2021.
I absolutely love the redesign of my website
Emely Rodriguez
Emely Rodriguez
May 30, 2021.
Great service. Very professional and straight forward. I was glad to have my own creative direction and be able to oversee everything that was done. I couldn’t be happier with the end results. I would definitely recommend!
May 5, 2021.
It was amazing working with them, I love my website l. They were extremely professional and time sensitive when it came to working on my product. I definitely recommend doing business with them!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith
April 22, 2021.
Working with them was so easy, professional and productive. They also made sure I understood exactly what I was paying for because prior to this, I had no knowledge about building websites. I definitely recommend!

Words From Our Founder

Headshot of our founder, Alex Tchouangwa

I founded Alo Media Group to create highly converting websites for businesses that leave them with a competitive advantage in their industry. We can attribute a large amount of our early success to our customer service and our dedication to excellence.

Alex "Alo" Tchouangwa

Lead SEO Consultant

Let's Work Together!

Are you interested in scaling your business organically and being found non the first four pages of Google searches? Book A Discovery Call with Alex, and we’ll craft a strategy to take you to the next level.