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At Alo Media Group, we strive to create custom 1 of 1 SEO Campaigns that allow our clients to see the most organic growth without incurring Google Penalties. We do not believe in keyword stuffing blog posts or web pages but instead, we are big believers in delivering value to our target audiences. Since all of our SEO campaigns are tailored to each individual client, we are able to create unique content for everyone instead of copying and pasting the same regulated information everywhere.

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How to Grow An Audience with your blog posts

Blog Posts are essential to growing your audience organically as you are able to create relevant content for your target audience. This allows you to portray yourself as an expert in your industry as well as gauge interests levels among different topics. This also gives your social media followers the opportunity to click through your website and potentially resonates with their current situation.

SEO CAmpaign Process Overview

01. Set Goals & KPIs

During our strategy session, we will discuss various goals and Key Performance Indicators that you are trying to achieve in the next three to six months for your business. These goals also serve as the primary objectives for the entire campaign.

02. Research Keywords

Following the strategy session, we will complete extensive research on your competitors and the keywords they are ranking for. At the end of this research period, we will develop a strategy for the on-page content on your website and how we plan on moving forward.

03. Establish Blog Strategy  

Your Pillar Content, Blog Posts Answering Industry Specific Questions, will play a big part in how many monthly visitors your website attracts. These posts will showcase your expertise in the industry and answer commonly asked questions, thus allowing you to inform a large number of readers.

04. Establish A Back Link Strategy

The most important part of this SEO strategy is the number of quality backlinks that we can source for your business. The more high-quality websites that we can get to link your website, the more organic traffic your website will see. The goal here is to start slow and let the backlinks compound over time.

What to Expect

When I put the job opening on LinkedIn, I was looking for someone to work with me as I own several businesses, including one that does digital marketing and social media.

Alex arrived on the dot at the time we scheduled! Since I had already begun work on the site, I made it clear that I had a budget, but I promised him that I would do it right and quickly and that I would be working with him for years! Well, today my site is going live and I can tell you it took only a week from our meeting to get it done. I made countless numbers of changes. He was responsive, respectful, and assertive. He did a fantastic job; I couldn’t thank him enough!

If you are looking for someone for web design or to handle any of your SEO needs, this is your guy! He is the best and I’ve been doing it for 30 years! He is hungry and will do right by you no matter how big or small your project is. I recommend it with everything I’ve got! And I guarantee you will thank me for it!

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Alin Cruz

Ali Fresh Food


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SEO Case Study

Justin Murchison is a 29-year-old, self-published author based in Denver, Colorado. Justin decided to journal and acknowledge what was going on with himself, and unlearn the toxic traits holding were holding him back from his full potential. He hopes that his journey towards better mental health be exactly what you need to find the courage to start your own.

Search Engine Optimization

Justin wanted a landing page that was SEO optimized to announce the upcoming release of his book: Love Is Love. Justin realized that he needed to create a community of readers that not only loved his book but were equally invested in his personal life.



What We were able to do

Whenever Justin made his announcement on social media that he was releasing his book. We organically generated 650 unique visitors on the first day, with his email list by 94 subscribers. With his website and email list being his primary source of communication for his ever-growing community, Justin is excited to see where the road leading up to Love Is Love’s release takes him.

Since launching his website, Justin’s Landing Page currently brings 850 monthly organic visitors and this has caused his community of potential buyers to grow exponentially. Currently, whenever Justin sends out an email, his list of subscribers grows by around 10 as people are sharing his messages via their social media platforms.

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